About PMP
About PMP

What does the name mean? PMP stands for Partneriaeth Maesgeirchen Partnership. The choice of name comes from the aim of bringing residents and their groups together, as partners, in one group to act as a voice for our community. As history has proved time and time again: Unity is Strength.

What Does PMP Aim To Do?

PMP has always kept its goals very simple & straightforward: to benefit the community of Maesgeirchen and Tan y Bryn in any way that is possible.

How Does It Do This?

PMP applies for funding for the estate, runs projects and - when necessary - fights for the interests of our community. Here are a few examples of what we've done over the years;

  • Organised children's' events and Fun Days for the whole community
  • Run a hugely successful holiday playscheme
  • Brought in funding to develop Min y Ddol as a home pitch for Maesybryn FC
  • Fought - and won - against plans to stop the free school bus to & from the estate
  • Gained funding for local groups, from the boxing club to the majorettes
  • Run an open office on Llys Dylan square, where people can access advice on matters such as housing, use free internet or speak with a local councillor
  • Petitioned for a 20mph speed limit across the whole estate
  • Won many awards for environmental projects which have benefited residents (e.g. woodland access around Afon Cegin)
  • Worked closely with agencies like Pontio & our own Ysgol Glancegin to deliver activities for local kids (e.g. safe cycling, photography, art projects & drama)
  • Started & supported the allotments in Tan y Bryn
  • Helped local youngsters (and older people) who needed assistance finding work
  • Brought in funding to Plas Hedd for little touches that make such a difference to the quality of life for its residents
  • And let's not forget The Moiderer, which goes to every one of our 1000 or so houses

The list could go on and on. But - just as important is the work it does to represent the best interests of the estate. If you go to a PMP meeting, you'll hear real issues being discussed: the stuff that affects peoples' everyday life: housing for local people, provision for our children and young people, events that bring our community together, and how to deal with the threats to our quality of life e.g. discarded needles.

These meetings are also attended by Housing Authorities, Police and any other agency which PMP thinks necessary to move things forward. It has taken may years to get to this level, where we have a voice which no other area of Bangor has gained yet.

Always, PMP will speak out without fear to get the best possible deal for Maesgeirchen and Tan y Bryn. Always, PMP will do everything in its power to attract funding & other resources to the estate. And always, PMP will celebrate the fantastic community spirit which we enjoy here. Because having a good time together is important too.

Who Runs PMP?

The basic principle of PMP is that residents know best about what their own community needs. So responsibility for running he group is taken on by a Board of Directors, all of whom live on the estate. The Board is reponsible for matters like awarding contracts, ageeing to hold funds and making policy. The Board is always looking for new people to come forward and take part at this level, but it's important to remember that this isn't the only way of taking part & making a difference.

How Can I Get Involved?

Anyone who is a resident of Maesgeirchen and Tan y Bryn can get involved. There are different ways of getting stuck in, which you can read about below. But the bottom line is that we're open to anyone who's proud of our community and wants to see our quality of life keep improving. And you'll get a very warm welcome.

For some people, when they get to know more about PMP, they want to become involved as a member of the Board (a Director). Any of the board will be happy to chat about what this involves. Or members might just want to help with all the voluntary opportunities which arise from events and projects.

Meetings aren't everyone's cup of tea, though, and people often want to do more of the hands-on work. These people - the practical "doers" - are the real life-blood of the group. They are the people who will mix squash for the children at an Easter Egg hunt; the people who will deliver leaflets door-to-door if we need to get a message out; the ones who will turn out for a protest or help to organise a social event.

Between all the people on this estate, there is a massive pool of skills to be tapped into. We have people who are good with computers, others who have play-work experience; some who have trade skills (e.g. building), some who are sports coaches; people who enjoy cooking, others who are natural organisers. All of these skills and many more have been called on in the past. Everyone has something to contribute to our community.

The PMP meets on various dates, which are advertised on the Llys Dylan notice board, on our office window, on soical media nd in the press.

Everybody is welcome at our meetings. If you'd like to know more about the group, you can contact us at the office, or contact one of the directors.